Screen Saver Studio for Windows
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Screen Saver Studio v8.02 Patch
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Here is where you can download the Screen Saver Studio v8.02 patch.

Pro 8.01 Owners: Click here to download the patch.
Deluxe 8.00 Owners:
Click here to download the patch.

The following problems are corrected by the v8.02 patch:

  • Certain animated GIFs were inadvertently cropped or had some of their colors distorted
  • Text objects sometimes appeared all black or had incorrect black backgrounds
  • Jukebox songs for DirectX presentations sometimes would not play
  • Saver and Presentation uninstallers on non-NT systems left task running in background
  • With DirectX enabled savers on non-NT based systems, canceling out of the password box would sometimes mess up the display
  • Work Sheet did not copy or paste certain Text fields correctly
  • Immediately after a File/Revert, some keyboard editing commands would crash the program
  • Message shown when building a DirectX enabled presentation was incorrect (Deluxe only)
  • Certain registration related messages shown at inappropriate times (PRO only)

Added Features:

  • Installation progress bars added to all saver and presentation installers
  • All presentation installations now create shortcuts