Screen Saver Studio for Windows
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Upgrades to Deluxe 8.0

Deluxe 6.x Owners:
Upgrade for $19.95

Deluxe 7.x Owners:
Upgrade for $9.95

to Pro 8.0

From Deluxe versions to Pro
Upgrade for $79.95

Pro 7.x Owners:
Upgrade for $49.95

Screen Saver Studio Upgrades - Version 8 Available!
"#1 Selling Screen Saver Creation Software in the World!"

Attention v8 Owners!
Already own Screen Saver Studio v8.00 or v8.01? Download our v8.02 patch by clicking here.

Version 8.0 Upgrade Available!
Follow the links on the left to upgrade your version today! To see what version of Screen Saver Studio you presently have, look in the "About" box in the "Help" menu. Upgrade versions will check that the previous version is already installed on your system, and will not work if you don't have it installed.

What's NEW in v8.0?
  • Support for DirectX-based screen savers. The old Windows native GDI screen saver will still be an option when you create a saver in v8. However, DirectX will be the recommended option and is far less CPU intensive making the screen savers you create MUCH smoother and faster! Also, DirectX comes installed by default on most Windows-based PCs so compatibility is not a problem. More information on DirectX can be found on the Microsoft web site.

    For a clear-cut comparison on the performance difference that DirectX makes, please try the two sample savers below. One is made with v8 which has DirectX support and the other is made with v7 which has no DirectX support.

  • Seamless wrapping feature has been added to allow true full screen side-scrolling action
  • Allow savers made by the .SWF Wizard to be muted with the click of a button by the end user
  • Ability to save .SWF Wizard projects
  • Installation progress bars added to all saver and presentation installers
  • All presentation installations now create shortcuts

You can also download a PDF of the manual if you'd like to peruse that. Right-click on the link(s) below and select "Save Target As" to save the manual rather than open it.

Please e-mail with any questions you may have regarding our upgrade products.