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Screen Saver Links

This page contains OFFSITE links to other screen saver related web sites. Although we maintain this page, we cannot provide support for OR answer any questions regarding content or software found on the web sites we link to. If you are interested in getting a link to your site added here, please contact us at Want to make your own screen savers? Try our Screen Saver Studio Demo FREE for 7 days!

Screen Saver Related Sites:
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  1. BillyBear4Kids.Com
    Description: Over 200 original screen savers can be found on this site. Billy Bear's Playground is safe for the kids and is also enjoyable for adults.

    Description: Choose from over 1600 free Windows screen savers in 15 categories. Also small selection of free screen savers for the Apple Macintosh.

  3. Graphics Blandishment
    Description: Run by Chris Falco, a Screen Saver Studio Professional owner. A wide variety of screen savers can be found here including several popular holiday screen savers.

  4. See You Again Screen Saver
    Description: Another site run by a Screen Saver Studio Professional owner. SYAS is a patent pending technology that allows your site visitors to automatically download and install your screen saver right from your web page.

  5. T & P SC Screen Savers
    Description: Variety of free screen savers ranging from art screen savers to movie screen savers for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Macintosh.

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